Dean's guitar was hewn from Martian Redwood trees carefully transported to Earth on a sleigh pulled by vacuum-breathing Space Huskies.

His songs are painstakingly constructed out of marrow he extracts from his very own bones on the third Thursday of each month.

Dean starts the day with a tall glass of freshly-squeezed harmonica juice.

Gear: Dean usually plays a 1967 Maton L-202 ‘lute guitar’ through a Vox AC50 head going into a vintage Vox 2x12" cabinet, or a 1957 Maton Premier 45A acoustic archtop (running through an LR Baggs Para Acoustic pre-amp); and plays Hohner harmonicas and piano accordions when required.

Webstuff: Dean's most visited websites are all of them, especially xkcd, Daring Fireball, Wikipedia, and He’s also partial to Alice and Kev, Snopes, and the Song-a-Day man.