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Finally, a friendly shore

New album

We've just finished mixing our new album Finally, a friendly shore. We’ll be getting it mastered in the next few weeks and it should be released in late July or early August. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

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Halflight (2013)

Our last album Halflight was released on 23 October 2013. Buy it here (digital download)! Or from iTunes or Amazon or Bandcamp (also digital downloads). Listen to a few of the tracks for free on our Soundcloud page.

(If you want to burn it onto a CD and make it look all real-like, here is the artwork arranged to be printed double-sided on A3 and cut and folded into shape.) ***We're completelty revising the artwoprk (except for the cover). The new version will be posted here when it's done but get this one hile you can, eventually it'll be a rarity and worth millions!!!

We launched it at 303 on 19 December. Now that's done, we're playng random gigs here and there with songs from the album as well as new material. See our news page for more info. We'll be selling CDs at all these gigs for $20.

This is the current lineup of Dean Lombard on guitar and vocals (also piano accordion, Wurlitzer, and synth), Jason Cutler on bass and backup vocals (lead vocals and glockenspiel on View From Beyond), Simon W Stockdale on guitar and backup vocals (lead vocals on My Eloise), and John Watson on drums. Recorded and mixed by Idge at Soundpark Studio in Northcote. produced by The Phosphenes with Idge. mastered by David Briggs.


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Long Story Short

Long Story Short was recorded in a few days at Baker Street Studios in Burwood, Melbourne. Lineup was:

  • Dean Lombard on vocals, guitar and harmonica
  • Jason Cutler on bass and backing vocals (lead vocals on ‘Hey’)
  • Damaris Baker on guitar and backing vocals
  • John Watson on drums and percussion
  • Joe Saitta on saxophone
Produced by Dean, Jason and John, with Allan Neuendorf from Baker Street (who also recorded, mixed and mastered it).

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Long Story Short was our first ‘proper’ album, but we had done a fair bit of recording before then — mostly with friends, or friends of friends, or band members and their significant others (thanks Damaris and Dave). None of these were ever properly finished (never getting beyond a rough mix), but a handful shine brighter than the rest: these tracks comprise the Retrospective collection.

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