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Sunday 11 June at Mr Boogie Man BAR

Gig poster

The Phosphenes with Taylor Project and Galax

6 pm
Mr Boogie Man BAR
160 Hoddle St Abbotsford

We’re warming up for our imminent new album launch with a bucketload of new songs and a carafe of old favourites.

Mr Boogie Man BAR is a great venue in Abbotsford that recently announced it was closing down due to the owners selling the business, but the sale fell through so they’ve re-opened. Let’s make them feel better about their bad fortune by having an awesome night! We’ve got the full band on stage for the first time this year and we’re super-keen to bash out most of the songs from our forthcoming new album plus a few old favourites. The other bands are great also (the Facebook event has more info about them) so it’ll be a fantastic night. Come and be a part of it.

Our new album won’t quite be ready yet but we’ll bring the last few copies of our last album Halflight along that you can buy for $20. Also, we have unearthed a single unsold copy of our debut EP Long Story Short, so that will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

Last album

Our new album Halflight is now our last album, because a newer one is in the works. But Halflight still has lots of love to go around; so while you’re waiting for the new one, listen to samples and buy Halflight the album (digital format) or individual tracks from our Music page.

You can also get Halflight from iTunes or Amazon or Bandcamp. No matter which online service you hate, it’s still available. Isn’t diversity a wonderful thing?


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