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Finally, a friendly shore

Draft album coverThe Phosphenes’ new album is almost ready to drop. Finally, a friendly shore is an evolution of the band’s sound, with a wider stylistic range and more nuanced arrangements. Taking the listener down dead-end streets, across the Pacific and back, through medical research facilities and across sticky kitchen floors to island prisons and secret bathtubs, it’s an explosion of different genres and diverse instrumentation that nevertheless has a distinct coherence and thematic consistency.

Recorded in late 2016 and early 2017 at Soundpark in Northcote, produced by the band and Idge, and mastered by Adam Dempsey, Finally, a friendly shore is coming to an online store near you, some time in October. Like our Facebook page, or join our email list to get the news first.


Halflight (2013) is a journey from the watershed to the sunshine via holey pockets, television, an interstellar void and the Flying Wallendas. Along the way the guitary pop of this reticent quartet was delicately sprinkled with keys and reeds to emerge exuberantly from the gloomy winters of the last few years. Channeling four songwriters and astride a decade of history, Halflight lives!

Upcoming gigs

Album launch coming soon

Finally, a friendly shore

Somewhere in the inner north

The new album is done, but we're still finishing off the artwork so we can make some CDs and set up the online product. Coming really soon! Watch this space, like our Facebook page, or join our email list to get the news first.

Other news

Remastering project

We are revisiting our back catalogue and bringing it up to standard for a re-release. We’re starting with our first album, the six-track EP Long Story Short that was never really mastered properly. Expect to see the remastered version out in the stores later this year.

Next cab off the rank will be the Retrospective collection of live, rehearsal, and unreleased (in some cases unfinished) studio recordings.

Dean Lombard solo gig

Saturday 16 September 2017, 5 pm

Farouk’s Olive

711 High Street, Thornbury

Phosphenes singer/songwriter/guitarist Dean Lombard brings his quirky and poignant songs about love, loss, politics, life, death, cultural imperialism, propaganda, violence, and redemption to Farouk’s Olive. Driven by acoustic or electric guitar and with strong vocal melodies and sparse harmonica accompaniment, the songs range from haunting ballads, through classic power pop to outright rockers.

Ellen Fish is also playing – Ellen’s on at 5, Dean’s on at 6. For more information, go check out Dean’s website or the Facebook event page.

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