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The Phosphenes create imperfect three-minute pop songs from a standard dysfunctional rock line-up (with added harmonica for your convenience) that - replete with catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms, armed with poignant and quirky humour, and dripping in vocal harmonies – stick in your head and rewire your brain.


Finally, a friendly shore is an evolution of the band’s sound, with a wider stylistic range and more nuanced arrangements. Taking the listener down dead-end streets, across the Pacific and back, through medical research facilities and across sticky kitchen floors to island prisons and secret bathtubs, it’s an explosion of different genres and diverse instrumentation that nevertheless has a distinct coherence and thematic consistency.

Reviewer Paul Cowling admires its eclecticism, declaring it “an album that sounds like an impeccably curated anthology… a set of smart, wry, brilliant songs.” (Read the full review.)

Recorded in late 2016 and early 2017 at Soundpark in Northcote, produced by the band and Idge, and mastered by Adam Dempsey, Finally, a friendly shore is available to purchase or stream on Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever else good music can be found.

Special event

Sunday 29 July 2018

from 5 pm @ Wickers Club

Elsternwick Park Sports Club, 170 Glenhuntly Road, Brighton
$15 (pre-purchased) or $20 (at the door)
All proceeds to Teen Talk

This is a memorial concert to celebrate the creative passion and musical legacy of Steven Marshall White, prolific songwriter, guitarist and bassist around Melbourne since the 1970s, who died late last year. The Phosphenes are on at 8pm, preceded by Greg Steps and Jane Cameron, and followed by Steven's last band The Winterfriends. As well as sets from these fine bands, the night also features:

It's gonna be awesome! Please join us at this special event.

Album launch coming soon

Finally, a friendly shore

Somewhere in the inner north

The new album is done, and in all the online stores, and we just got a box full of limited edition CDs from the manufacturer. So watch this space! Album launch coming real soon! Like our Facebook page, or join our email list to get the news first.

Other news

Remastering project

We are revisiting our back catalogue and bringing it up to standard for a re-release. We’re starting with our first album, the six-track EP Long Story Short that was never really mastered properly. Expect to see the remastered version out in the stores very soon.

Next cab off the rank will be the Retrospective collection of live, rehearsal, and unreleased (in some cases unfinished) studio recordings.

Phosphene guitars

Other Phosphenes

There are more bands called the Phosphenes than you might think. Check them all out! Us Phosphenes gotta stick together.

What is a phosphene anyway?

Simple, really: a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light.

Phosphene_artistic_depiction_image_color (wikimedia Commons)

The Phosphenes are:

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